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We never set out to create a custom shed business but when 2020 decided to wreak havoc on the world, we decided... why not?!  Dwell Customs was the vision Ashley had when she saw Ryan going stir crazy amid being furloughed from his hospitality career.  Always looking for the next project or thing to build, we decided to go big (or small) and create super custom and boutique home dwelling units. 


What can you do with a this unique sized space, you ask?  The options are endless; how about a home office that isn't a dining room table and actually quiet and away from the kids!  What about a classroom for your kids during the new norm of virtual education?  She Shed/Man Pub - enough said.  Workout space - check! Guest room when the in-laws are in town. Creative studio - art, pottery, photography - you name it.


We built ours with multiple uses in mind, it functions as a hangout space for game nights, a peaceful reading space, a guest room and a home office, all in a 12'x12' space!

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On-Site, New Construction

We custom build our sheds on site.  No prefab, no transportation issues, no DIY kits, no clearing wide spaces to accommodate delivery. Our sheds are custom, built on your property, built for YOU!   

Quality Construction

Built with home construction quality.  These aren't sheds that are retrofitted to be a livable space, they are built with the livable space first in mind.

Included Features

Our standard package is anything but standard and includes insulation, electrical, upgraded windows and door, drywall, paint, asphalt roofing and of course, a floor (both sub floor and interior floor).  Did you know that you have to pay extra for a floor from the big box stores?!  Oh, and in case you want upgrades and add on options - we do those too!


Built To Last

Initial Consult

Shoot us a message below to get in touch with us.  We will talk about the styles of shed that we will build and discuss what your goals are for your space and what you would like to have built

Visit on site

We will meet you at your home, walk the property, discuss location and what, if any, work needs to be down to prepare the site for construction.  We will also assist as little or as much in the permitting process and will discuss those specifics when we meet on site


The fun part!  Our team will come in and build the custom shed of your dreams and you will be enjoying your new space less than a month and a half from the first swing of the hammer.



Dwell for use on Light Bkground-01.png

Thanks for submitting!

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